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Jordan Roschwalb: Co-founder, Pintrill


As part of our 60th Anniversary celebration, we’re looking to those who wear Alpha Industries with pride, ensuring we’re not just part of their wardrobe, but part of their identity. These people are our Everyday Heroes and we’re excited to share their stories. Today we hear from Jordan Roschwalb, co-founder of Pintrill and frequent collaborator with Alpha. Most recently, Jordan and the Pintrill team collaborated on a “Space Race” CWU/45P Flight Jacket in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. 

What drove you to get involved in fashion?

Jordan- “I wasn’t driven to get into fashion as much as collectible and items. I wanted to take a passion and use it to fuel my life. Getting into fashion was just a by product of that.  I love style, and having my own is very important to me. My passion for collecting fuels my personal style, through pins, vintage t-shirts that are rooted in heritage brands as well as other odds and ends like automobile paraphernalia  or the great American road trip.”

You mentioned in a previous interview, no matter how big Pintrill goes, you always wanted to be the small company for Brooklyn. Why do you think it is so important for brands to stay true to their heritage?

Jordan- “I think it’s important for brands to remain true to there heritage because that is where the roots of the brand are. Sometimes brands go to far from where they started and have no idea how to get back home. We are a pin company first and a fashion company second.”

Why did you choose to collaborate on Alpha’s jackets?

Jordan- “Alpha jackets are a blank canvas for pins and patches alike. In the military, Alpha jackets were cohesive with pins not from a fashion standpoint, but from a functional and rank perspective, as pilots and soldiers decorated their jackets with squadron patches, pins, and the like.”

What do you look for from a partner when you’re doing a collaboration? 

Jordan- “It’s important for us that our partners are genuine and support our ideas and thought process. We want to work with someone, not work for someone. We always want to be able to push the boundaries of what we do well still staying true to both brands.” 

Why do think Alpha was a good partner to collaborate with?

Jordan- “Having worked with the brand several times now, we really enjoy partnering with Alpha because we are able to build on our existing relationship and try new things.”

Tell us about your experience working on the Space Race Flight Jacket collaboration with Alpha. 

Jordan- “The Space Race jacket in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 was the first time we really got to flex our muscles creatively. This was our first time working on a full production run of an entire garment rather than just pins. We were able to bring our idea out on a larger scale and that was an awesome feeling.”



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