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JANUARY 25, 2021

Introducing Property Of, Alpha Industries' Spring/Summer 2021 campaign. Inspired by the dedication of residents to their cities over the course of the past year, the Property Of campaign was born. Focusing specifically on New York City, the campaign aims to highlight the resiliency of NYC and its residents. Captured by lifestyle and editorial photographer Sage East, subjects of the campaign are shown in their native Manhattan, Harlem, Queens, and Brooklyn, speaking to what these areas mean to them and all echoing the same sentiments of resiliency and determination in the face of adversity.

Icke, from Manhattan, speaks to the determination and resiliency of New Yorkers as a whole- “New Yorkers are all resilient. They might get hurt. They might lose their job, whatever is going on. Especially with Covid now. They get back up and they’re stronger than ever.”

Salome, from Brooklyn, notes the change of pace in New York, but knows it’s only temporary, “Even during Covid, it’s nice and sad at the same time because New York is such a place where it’s nonstop. So to see it kind of slow down from where it used to be but still it’s New York so it’s not going to stand down to anything.”

The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection was inspired by a variety of military styles and silhouettes. Lightweight variations of the iconic bomber jacket include varsity-inspired styles and cropped silhouettes. Also found in the new collection are new additions to the best-selling PT Collection, new accessories including bags and hats, and new tees and fleece with military-inspired graphics and prints. The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection launches on next week on

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