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Episode 5: Dao-Yi Chow


Alpha Industries was founded in the 1950s with the mission of outfitting and protecting the heroes who served our country.  That mission has evolved to the present day, as Alpha is committed to recognizing heroism in all forms, both military and civilian. Continuing with our Hero Series we are looking into heroes that come from different backgrounds and inspire others in different ways. We will show that what defines heroism, taking risks and rising to the occasion, holds true across all forms. Growing up in New York Dow-Yi Chow was inspired by everyone around him to stand out. As the Co-Founder of Public School, Dow-Yi uses his influence to contribute to the global fashion scene. Chow found himself surrounded by the millions of people that flow through the city each day. Whether they were tourists or locals, Chow recognized the one thing everyone had in common- their strive for individuality. Fashion is individuality at face value, a conscious decision to present oneself in a way that makes the person feel their most authentic self. Public School has grown and become a major player in the fashion game.

Chow was originally inspired by hip-hop and the city scene; however, he feels he is constantly recognizing the way new people have impacted his life. While he didn’t feel the full impact his father had on him in the past, now that he himself is a father he realizes he is still learning lessons inadvertently passed down to him. Knowing now that Dow-Yi is a hero to others he offers this advice for success, “Any time that you create something it’s a real personal experience […] you’ll always win because you will be an honest extension of who you really are”

For Dow-Yi Chow, heroism is about being brave enough to express yourself. Public School, as well as Alpha Industries, are fortunate enough to design clothing that can help people express their most authentic and heroic selves.

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