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Ben Birkl: Marketing, Alpha Germany


This year, Alpha Industries celebrates its 60th Anniversary. As part of our celebration, we’re looking to those who wear Alpha Industries with pride, ensuring we’re not just part of their wardrobe, but part of their identity. These people are our Everyday Heroes and we’re excited to share their stories. Today we hear from Ben Birkl, Head of Marketing for Alpha Germany.

What makes Alpha Germany an interesting place to work?

Alpha stands for history and quality, a product that has been handed down for generations. With this passion, we work in our office as a big family. We have an open-plan office which means all departments can work hand in hand. This makes a fast workflow possible for us and allows us react to our customers needs. 

What’s a typical day like at Alpha in Germany?

A good day starts with a coffee! Our office hours are 9 to 5 o‘clock! Our days consist of normal day to day operations like checking emails, make phone calls, team meetings, e website, to planning and attending events, developing new marketing concepts, create new content, and collect new ideas for the collections and collaboration partners. The normal madness!

How was Alpha immersion within Europe? And how has it grown in the latest years? 

The market in Europe is growing, both through our retail partners and through our own online shop. Our head office in Germany is growing constantly to try and keep up. 

Being Alpha a brand strongly rooted in American history, how do you communicate Alpha’s story overseas? 

We love the story behind Alpha. This is exactly what we want to pass on to our customers.We can be proud of that! We like to focus on the history behind each of the styles that we promote. Our customers love the history behind the brand! 

What do you think resonates more with the German audience?

They love the heritage of the brand, and like the modern twist we’ve added to our newer styles. 

You’re a big fan of style, how do you ensure Alpha is still aligned with what's trending in the different European markets? 

In order to start in Europe, it was important to observe the different climates. The winter in the north is long, while the south has a much warmer climate. In addition, each country has its own sense of fashion and how to wear what. So there are different sales strategies in each territory. For each country we have our own distribution or agent, sometimes a PR and Marketing Agency so we can better adapt to the different markets.

Which jacket story fascinates you the most?

The MA-1 of course!

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